Vendetta – Commentary

My project is a digital adaptation of Vendetta by Catherine Doyle. I have chosen to use multiple platforms (Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr) to tell the story through the characters interacting with each other online. The book was published in 2014 and therefore I have had to contact the author and publisher to get permission to have the project run live.

I decided to use Twitter because the main characters are all in their late teens or early twenties. The social media site gives fans of the series a chance to interact with the characters and I have found that the main character’s love interest has actually been the one to be tweeted at the most. I have also been the subject of ‘fan-girling’ where one of the people who loves the Blood For Blood series re-tweets, replies and likes any tweet that I post from Luca’s account.

It is very challenging to keep the story on track when fans are over-excited about the characters being on Twitter and keep tweeting about things that haven’t happened to the characters yet. However, the interaction makes the characters appear more real as I have to tweet outside of the story to keep a flowing commentary going even when the story is not progressing at that particular point.

My vlogs are the main part of my project, these get uploaded onto YouTube and are the main narrative of the story. They bring the characters to life with the use of costume theatre when Sophie (the protagonist) dresses up and impersonates them on camera. I haven’t had any comments on the videos themselves, but I have been tweeted about the things take place in the videos.

It has been incredibly challenging to make, edit and upload these videos in a timely fashion. The book is very fast-paced but because I have other work to be doing I have had to slow it down considerably. The videos can take about five hours from start to finish and then have to be tweeted about as well as making sure that the characters have been talking about events that lead up to the events that Sophie talks about in her videos.

It is also difficult to put everything into the videos such as the letters between Sophie and her father who is prison. This realisation made me think about how to structure my project and I decided that Sophie needed to have a base from which to give the extra information from the book. I settled on using Tumblr as a way of communicating other information and giving people who wish to follow the adaptation an idea of how to do it.

This project has been enormously rewarding as I have been able to work with the author to create something lasting that can be viewed across multiple platforms and in many different ways. My aim in this project was to show that stories don’t have to be read in book form and that social media can bring a story to life in different and interactive ways that allow the story to change and adapt because the fans influence decisions made by the characters and can sway them from a particular thought process.

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