Romeo and Juliet Game Adaptation

Romeo and Juliet Game Adaptation

There have been numerous adaptations of Romeo and Juliet including: contemporary and modern films, an anime television series and the recent animated film Gnomeo and Juliet. There have also been a few online games, though these tend to be aimed at young children. These games are quite basic and force the player into a restricted retelling of the story.

Our game proposes to allow the player a substantial amount of freedom in their game play, allowing them to deviate from the main story. The player will be able to choose between playing as Romeo or Juliet, each will have their own set of missions and unique interactions. The game will be open-world similar to Fable or Skyrim, and the player will be able to explore and interact with the world freely. The game will also possess side-quests which do not affect the overall narrative of the story, but will allow the players to immerse themselves in the Shakespearian world. The main plot will also be altered by decisions made throughout the major missions, these decisions can lead to multiple endings. Possible endings include the death of just one of the protagonists, or neither, and the consequences of these changes would be explored. Other characters may temporarily be controlled for action scenes such as Mercutio and Tybalt’s fight.

Originally we intended to provide the option of choosing between the original setting and a modern version, but this would not be feasible due to the size the game. Downloadable content may be implemented, which could include extra missions and different outfits or accessories. The game is intended for an audience of teenagers and above.

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