Matilda: Game Adaptation

Credit: Roald Dahl

Adaptations have become staple features in the box office, television screens and even games. The idea of taking a great story and bringing it to life in a completely new format or adjusting the plot to complement a different era or characters, is extraordinary. Not only does it bring in a whole new audience for the story, but it also allows the reader to experience the story in a different way.


Matilda is a childhood favourite by the iconic author, Roald Dahl. It has already been adapted into a well known film yet no other adaptions have come to life. Tor, Hannah, Sarah and I as a team, couldn’t help but think it would be an ideal plot for a children’s game app.


The game would need stay very true to the events within the book, due to game’s target audience being children. The player would need to be able to recognise the plot and characters to maintain the Matilda brand. It will be a story mode game with a linear plot as if the game is moving through the book. The levels in the game will represent book chapters and the next level will be achieved by completing a main task that will be a recognisable event from the book. For example; when Lavender puts the newt in Trunchbull’s water, the player will able to select an animal and will have to go and catch it as part of the task.


Alongside these main tasks there will also be mini games in which the player will have more freedom and control over the choices for their character, however like previously stated to ultimately move onto the next level they will need to complete the main task. Each level they progress onto, Matilda’s telekinesis will harness and grow more powerful which will be an incentive for the player to want to move onto the next level.


The visuals of the game would be similar to those of the James and the Giant Peach (1996) movie, so the characters would remain with a Quentin Blake (original illustrator of a lot of the Roald Dahl books) illustration style but appropriate for an app and animation. There will be various story like clips within the game, to keep the narrative consistent and easy for the player to keep up with. This will help make the game a storytelling interactive experience.


The game would be a great way of making a different generation’s childhood classic exciting again!

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