• Adele Burrows

    Adele Burrows is an Publishing with English Literature student at Bath Spa University. As a film and literature obsessive, nothing gives her more joy than telling people her opinions about it, on social media.

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  • Bethany Blood Smyth

    Bethany is a third year publishing and business student, looking forward to a career in fiction. She adores the smell of books and has far too many to fit on her shelves.

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  • Chloe Pritchard

    Chloe Pritchard is studying Publishing with a side of Creative Writing. She enjoys writing, knitting and reading, interspersed with tea and cake breaks.

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  • Daisy-May Chivers-Black

    Daisy is a student at Bath Spa University studying English Literature and Publishing (Joint).

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  • Danielle Murray

    Danielle is a third year English Literature and Publishing student. Her bookshelves are currently double stacked, which is largely due to her new obsession with crime fiction.

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  • Emilie Crabb

    Emilie Crabb is a student in publishing and history at Bath Spa University. Emilie is particularly interested in historical books and ways in which classic stories can be developed in the digital world.

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  • Gemma Callender

    Gemma is a Publishing major student at Bath Spa University who adores the city of Bath. Gemma loves all things to do with website design or marketing and wants to own her own company one day (dream big right?)

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  • Hannah White

    Hannah White is a Creative Writing and Publishing student.

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  • Jack Driscoll

    Jack is an English Literature and Publishing Student.

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  • Jasmine Hazlehurst

    Jasmine Hazlehurst is a third year Creative Writing and Publishing student at Bath Spa University. A compulsive tea drinker and avid reader who has a particular interest in writing fiction and editorial work within the industry.

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  • Jimmy Crosthwaite

    Jimmy is a student of Creative Writing and Publishing at Bath Spa university. Jimmy's perhaps unhealthy obsession with video games has led him to becoming an advocate for their appreciation as an art form.

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  • Joshua Love

    Joshua Love is a student at Bath Spa University, currently studying English. Joshua is particularly interested in post-modern literature and its digital possibilities.

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  • Lauren Knight

    Lauren is a Publishing student at Bath Spa University and has a keen interest in Dystopian and Historical fiction. She is an aspiring fiction editor. Lauren is usually perched in front of a computer eating chocolate, or enjoying a long hot bath with a book.

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  • Louise Bray

    Louise Bray is a third year student working towards a BA in Publishing and History at Bath Spa University. A lover of coffee, hummus and Louis Theroux. But not all at once (okay, all at once).

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  • Martha Gleeson

    Martha Gleeson is a Publishing and Creative Writing student who loves to read a good book. Martha is interested in seeing how people develop new digital adaptations and find more innovations for the digital market.

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  • Nicola Presley

    Nic Presley is a lecturer in publishing and English Literature at Bath Spa University and is the developer of this module. Nic is particularly interested in digital adaptations of literature, and the textual implications of reading digitally.

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  • Ryan Maskell

    Ryan Maskell is a third year Creative Writing and Publishing student with a love for books, games and anything digital.

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  • Sarah Rose McCann

    Sarah is a 24 year old Publishing student at Bath Spa University. Originally from Belfast in Northern Ireland, Sarah is now based in Bath. Her favourite things include cups of tea, taking her poodle for long walks and indulging in a little Steinbeck every now and then.

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  • Tom Taylor

    Tom Taylor is a History and Publishing student at BSU drip fed the 24 hour news cycle. Aspiring intern at Black Books.

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  • Tor Couch

    Tor is a English Literature and Publishing student, studying at Bath Spa University. Lover of Gothic fiction and being over organised. Self proclaimed Instagram addict and avid knitter.

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  • Yasmin Brookes

    Yasmin is a student at Bath Spa University studying Creative Writing and Publishing. Her particular interests include fictional novel writing, and the editing process in the book industry.

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