Rebecca Commentary

Based on Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier, my project is an online interactive adaption on the novel, with a gaming aspect to it also. Focusing on Manderley House, the central location of the novel, I decided to study the text and the descriptions of the individual rooms, which I have used in my project. Since I wanted to full control over the interactive features within my game, I decided to stay away from web hosters such as WordPress, and coded my project.


The website takes users to the front of Manderley house, with the infamous quote from Rebecca: ‘Last night, I dream I went to Manderley again.’. I chose to include this quote because it’s the first line of the novel, and it’s the iconic line that people refer to from Rebecca. From there, they can click on the house and explore the rooms inside, clicking on various objects in the room and reading information about it.


The gaming aspect of my project comes in as users have to try and find the previous Mrs De Winter’s possessions in each room. Upon successful completion, they will be rewarded with a trip to Rebecca’s boathouse, another room with key details from the novel, such as Rebecca’s ashtray with cigarette butts in. I wanted to include these key details so the project would directly relate to the novel, and include some intertextuality too.


The artistic way in which I’ve decided to create my project was inspired by the outline of the Sgt. Pepper cover from The Beatles[1] It had drawn around every person and object on the cover, to create a simple black and white drawing. Instead of drawing each room in immaculate detail, I would just draw the outline for everything, keeping the drawings black and white – this creates a simple yet clean and effective look to my project. Upon finding Rebecca’s possessions, those items would become fully coloured and more detailed, in order to indicate to the users they have successfully found the right object. I believe this adds another level to my project as a game, as it gives something for the users to work towards.


So far my project is contained to this one website, and only covers certain rooms from Rebecca. In the future, I’d like to expand the website and create some social media accounts, in order for users to share their experiences with each other, and create a talking point for Rebecca. As for the game itself, I would love to explore more rooms of Manderley House, including the ones we are introduced to later on in the novel, so I can cover the entirety of the novel, not just the parts that are talked about most. I would also consider including characters in the game, and perhaps introduce some interactivity, as if the users were a character themselves. This would allow me to build further intextuality, as well as work on characterisation from the novel, while also including the user a bit more into my project.