PB6008 Literature in the Digital Age is a Year 3 Publishing and English Literature module at Bath Spa University.

New technologies, such as the accessibility of digital archives, XML text encoding for scholarly editing, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), and the global possibilities of social media, are changing the nature of literary studies. This module provides a solid grounding of digital literary studies through studying digital adaptations, digital archives and exploring the available tools for textual analysis. Students will critically analyse the possibilities of digital alongside original printed texts and examine these texts in relation to the current challenges in the publishing industry. Students will evaluate and reflect on the impact of digital on the interpretation of historical literary texts and contemporary reception of texts. Students will strengthen their technological skills by researching and developing their own digital adaptations of a primary text.

The primary objective of this module will be to cultivate ideas about the ways technological innovations continue to influence our understanding of texts. To achieve this, students will work on an ongoing digital project, focusing on Golding’s The Spire, and will have the opportunity to use tools such as the Text Encoding Initiative and location-based software.  We will debate and examine how we read and analyse enhanced texts such as Penguin’s digital app of On The Road and how the digital availability of unpublished materials alongside original texts affects our critical understanding. All students will contribute to the class blog which will give us a digital space to explore and discuss the creative possibilities of digital adaptation and expansion.